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Today we would like to share with you a beautiful experience we had. last Saturday: A beach cleanup occurred along the beaches of Eilat. A lot of environmentally conscious families and individuals joined together to help clean the beach.

This was an initiative made by WeSea, a group of wonderful people that aims to spread environmental awareness to plastic, the tons of waste we produce and the damage it does to our planet. They are showing ways to improve and make a change and try to move as many people as they can to be eco – friendly.

Cigarette Buds problem

This time, it was a beach clean-up that mainly focused on cigarette-butts. Not many people know, but cigarette butts are the main polluter in beaches and on the streets.

As sad as it is already, they are made out of plastic and won’t disappear from the world for at least 15 years! Such a small piece of waste and the amount of damage it does is unbelievable. On top of that, as you probably know, we use them to filter our cigarettes… this means all of the toxins that are filtered stay inside of it, about 10% of them are getting into water sources, polluting them or doing harm to small animals and sometimes even pets.  

Gathered together with all the volunteers we started cleaning the beach. One after the other, all along the beach, the cleaning just doesn’t have an end. The amount of cigarette butts is so big, we couldn’t believe there would ever be an end to it. The thought of what a meaningless thing might do when it is repeated and done over and over again.

The damage we do while unaware is too big to realize. By the end of the day, we collected 1.5kg of filters – about 7000 pieces and that was only on one beach. Think of all the waste we have to clean if we want to keep our oceans clean and safe.

After that day, WeSea gathered all the filters together, they are being compressed and sent to TerraCycle – a company that will use that waste to build public spaces for everyone to enjoy. So don’t lose hope, there is always something to do!

As you understand, It might be too hard for us to go out and clean everything, so we have to find other ways we can help, one example is to just make a decision – NO MORE PLASTIC!!!.

We have to choose to reduce our plastic waste and think more about everything we consume- is it worth it? Not everything we use is actually needed, or maybe we can find a better alternative? We may use things that are reusable, eco-friendly, won’t hurt our planet as much. Try and combine as many natural products in your daily life as you can. Those things come from nature, therefore it will be easier for nature to accept them back. No unnecessary chemicals or toxic ingredients.  Become environmentally conscious. Don’t wait, just do.

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Our store, Mayula Eco Life is offering you eco-friendly products that will make your life easy and happy. All sustainable, affordable, reusable and useful. It isn’t that easy to go zero waste so we are here to make your journey more welcoming and comfortable. Move your life to environmentally friendly, healthy living, it will benefit not only the world but your inner world will get better as well.

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