The Food Wrap Solution

Once upon a time, our parents and grandparents learned to use journal paper to protect fruits and vegetables. The progress came fast and then they learned to carry their foods in plastics bags. The next step in our development was the advent of plastic film, a magic solution to the problem. 

cling film

This magic solution became a big source of plastic pollution that fills our environment with no recycling material. Now is our turn to change the course of history and find other alternatives for cover and keeping food fresh and protected.

The Alternative for Cling Film

Beeswax Wrap

Good clingfilm alternatives are the biodegradable, reusable Beeswax Wraps. They are made of a sheet of organic cotton covered with beeswax. In the beginning, they are a bit stiff but the warmth of our hands is enough for the material to become soft, malleable and sticky. The Beeswax wraps come in different sizes and prints what make the product very "fashion". 

Pros & Cons of Beeswax Wrap

The advantage of Beeswax Wraps:

  • Washable

  • Reusable

  • Made of natural ingredients

  • They are beautiful!


  • Cannot be used with meat 

  • After the use, you need to keep with you (don't throw it in the garbage)

  • The price (but you can use it many, many times)


 Eliminate the cling film! Look a small step for the environment change but we need to start the change from ourselves! 
So, what do you think about Beeswax Wraps? Want to give a try?

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