Mayula Eco Life's Favorite PLASTIC-FREE SOLUTION

Plastic-free July is a global movement that helps people be part of the solution to plastic pollution.

Whether you are up for the challenge of plastic-free July or you are just looking for more zero waste alternatives, this should give you some inspiration.




  •  GOTS certified organic cotton  (Global Organic Textile Standard)
  • 1 x Large Canvas Tote with six large interior pockets.
  • 1 x Mixed Mesh Tote
  • 5 x assorted size Mesh Produce Bags
  • 5 x assorted size Bulk Food Bags
  • Bamboo Case
  • Bamboo toothbrushes set of 4
  • Vegan facial cleansing brush
  • Wooden body brush
  • Safety  razor 
  • Silicone bag
  • Stainless steel straws with brushes in a wooden case.

 The impact of our eco kit:

 bring your own reusable produce bags

  • Choosing bulk and loose product will help you to avoid food waste by buying only what you need.
  • Reduce waste and pollution by avoiding plastic packaging.
  • By choosing to refuse plastic bags, you can save around 500 plastic bags per year from entering our oceans and landfill

Choose to refuse single-use plastic straws

  • Single-use straws are used for a few minutes then discarded, where they’ll remain in the environment indefinitely. Plastic straws contain BPA a harmful chemical that can lead to numerous reproductive disorders, diabetes, and heart disease.
  • They are lightweight and easily blown down drains and into waterways, rivers and oceans and can become stuck in the airways of animals, or if mistaken for food and ingested can be fatal
  • Single-use straws are the top 10 list of items collected in beach cleanups. Humans use on a day to day basis—170-500 million per day A LOT of plastic waste!

Choose to refuse single-use plastic bathroom products.

You may like to consider other items in your bathroom such as razor blades, bamboo toothbrush, wooden body brush, bamboo facial cleansing brush, bamboo case, etc... these can also be replaced with longer-lasting. By reducing, reusing, and recycling, you can help minimize landfill waste. Be aware that recycling rules may change, and aren’t necessarily always the ‘best’ option. In other words, ‘reduce’ should still be your top priority. 

  • 2 billion razors ending up in landfills each year (after every purchase of a disposable razor, in about 2-3 weeks, they’ll be on their way to the landfill).
  • Unlike disposable razors, safety razors are built to last a lifetime.

  • Every year billions of plastic toothbrushes are thrown away. They are dumped into our oceans or end up in landfills. Even though the bamboo toothbrush is not 100% biodegradable, the most important thing is that you are still taking a huge step towards reducing your plastic waste in the environment. 

Plastic Free July is about raising awareness for both how easy it is to go without plastic, and also to understand the incredible impact our daily decisions have on the outcome of our planet.







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