We arrived in Brazil to Alto Paraiso is in central Brazil close to the capital of Brazil... Two-and-a-half hours drive on an open road surrounded by endless spaces. Arrive in Alto Paraiso ... a small place full of lovely people with new flavors and smells.⁠ Are starting to build our little house out of mud .. planting seeds, trees and flowers, and everything is done slowly in nature with a lot of patience and love. ⁠
The encounter with the local people is very exciting and kind and everyone is so kind and smiling ... one of the women we met spoiled us with her delicious food decorated with flowers and served on banana leaves. great there is no single-use plastic.😊⁠ The products of all the delicacies are local, natural, vegan and gluten-free ... wonderful ... but can't get them elsewhere ... ⁠
Products like walnut⁠
Mandioca, local basil monastery, saffron,⁠ Borich type of palm, local vanilla, zatuba type of tree-make flour from its fruits.⁠ Cocozina- a little coconut, zakka, pine nuts, cocoa. ⁠
Delicious and beautiful health. ⁠
The woman who makes these dishes is called Luciana... a beautiful and talented Native American sells her food in the local market, gives taste to passersby ... and everyone is fascinated ... how beautiful and delicious, and intrigued by natural ingredients, unfamiliar and of course are rich in every good.⁠
Always served beautiful and zero-waste.⁠

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