OUR STORY- Get to know Us

Natural Life Style Change

Our story began with awakening. We did the Body-Flow cleanse on a weekend in March 2011.
The body cleanses made us aware of what we are putting in our bodies, where it comes from, what our food contains, and how all this is hurting us. Before the cleanse we lived on autopilot as we were used to, we thought that everything was safe, healthy, friendly for us. As a result of the body cleanse and the new information we obtained, we began asking questions, researching and reading. We came across many subjects that we found were connected to one another like- the food industry- food factories- crop dustings- antibiotics- animal abuse pollution- using plastic and other non-biodegradable materials that hurt the planet- disposable cutlery and dishes- exaggerated consumerism- basically we noticed a never-ending cycle that hurts us and our environment.

A Holistic Life Style

We decided to take responsibility for our lives and the surroundings we live in. This is how we reached mindful precise consumerism that brought upon a change in our lives.
Healthy food for a healthy body, environment-friendly materials, fewer toxins, connecting to nature, minimalism and zero waste.
This change contributed to all the layers of our lives: physical, mental, environmental. We felt that this is what we want to do- to illuminate things from our personal experiences about the quality of life and the environment and the amount of consumerism.
On our website, we have gathered ecological, zero waste, natural, environmentally friendly, biodegradable and multi-use products for you.