Bamboo Hairbrush
bamboo hairbrush
bamboo hair brush

Bamboo Hairbrush

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Bamboo hairbrush benefits

Did you know that plastic hairbrushes increase the electrical charge of your hair? Yes, it's true! This electrical charge is what leads to static and has your hair giving life to tangles, frizziness, and even fly-aways. Wood and bamboo, on the other hand, have a neutral to negative charge so static is reduced, allowing your hair to stay nice and smooth. You will be happy to hear that with less static being created comes less of a need for (often) pricy products to tame the beast, especially during those dryer months of the year. 

BE ECO-FRIENDLY – Hairbrush made of biodegradable materials.

100% natural hair brush with bamboo bristles pins, antistatic.

 Bamboo Hairbrushes are the ideal, eco-friendly way to smooth and straighten your hair. Each brush has a flexible cushion base for soft brushing, and the bristles help to massage the scalp, increasing blood circulation and improving the overall health and appearance of hair.