yoga mat

A good practice of Yoga consists of constant change from pose to pose. Yoga practitioners tend to forget that the pose itself is not the main goal of the practice but only a consequence of the connection between Breath Consciousness, Alignment and Balance. Without those points, the pose (asana) will be useless.

Fully Connected with Yoga Accessories

Doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or a pro, sometimes you will need some aid to be fully connected. The yoga blocks can be your partner to reach true peace and relaxation in a pose.

We tend to put a lot of effort into difficult asanas, trying to reach places that normally we could not. At that moment the ego takes over, leading to injuries, fatigue and frustration.


Specific Uses of Yoga Blocks

Pelvis Support 

Mayula Yoga Blocks

Hand Support

Mayula Yoga Blocks


                                             Mayula Yoga Blocks                                        



Stop suffering in your yoga practices and start enjoying it! Yoga Blocks are easy to do with many materials like wood, rubber, or CORK. Find the best for you and start playing.











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